Thompson Center Pro Hunter Pistol in Sterling Heights

Thompson Center Pro Hunter Pistol in Sterling Heights

Thompson Center pro hunter pistol

If you’re looking for a ton of versatility in a single gun, you should be considering the Thompson Center pro hunter pistol. This single shot weapon is comfortable to carry, easy to handle and simple to operate.

Key Features of the Pro Hunter

The pro hunter is a single shot pistol, with a break open loader very similar to a shotgun. Where the barrel and the handle meet, there is a swing hammer that allows you to swing it left or right for use with a scope, or leave it in the center to use the iron sight.

This pistol allows you to use rifle cartridges, and you can switch between nearly a dozen different calibers. In fact, the barrel can be switched out to turn it into a rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader as well.


Why Choose a Pro Hunter Pistol

The light weight and maneuverability make it ideal for women or medium to small frame hunters. This is not the first choice for most when thinking about personal protection due to its single shot nature. While some may at first think that the single shot abilities of the pistol are a detriment, the incredible accuracy, along with the ease of reloading and versatility, help make up for this drawback.

The size allows you to carry it easily through thick brush and moving from one end of a blind to the other no longer presents any issues with the Thompson Center pro hunter pistol in your hands. At IFA Tactical we have specialists ready to answer any of your questions, and we’d love the chance to discuss qualities of this pistol with you to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

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