Uberti Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

Uberti Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

There are a few companies out there who make quality reproductions of original firearms, and some of the most popular are the Uberti lever action rifles. We’ve grown up with stories featuring lever action rifles, and every fan of westerns knows and recognizes these rifles.

Companies like Uberti provide people with the opportunity to own an authentic reproduction of their favorite firearm.

What Is Uberti

Uberti is an Italian based company that is a leader in making quality reproductions of firearms from the 1800s. Uberti is one of the foremost makers of authentic replicas, supplying trusted distributors such as Cimarron Firearms.

The company has a reputation for making some of the finest old-time firearms for modern days, and Uberti’s work has even graced the big screen in Western movies. Uberti stays true to the original designs though they also make small improvements to safety and handling in their reproductions.

Uberti Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

Why Choose a Lever Action

Lever action rifles excite the imagination in ways few things do in this world. The cowboy era of the Old West didn’t last very long, yet the mark it made is still going strong. These rifles are fun to shoot and promote a way of hunting that is rapidly going out of style with the advancement of blinds and long range shooting.

A lever action is better for those who want to stalk their game, and hunting through thick brush and trees is much easier with this carbine. A skilled shooter can fire a lever action so fast that it sounds like a drumroll, and the shots hit with admirable accuracy. A lever action rifle allows you, for a time, to forget the hectic nine to five, taxes, traffic, and politics and simply enjoy the moment.

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