Wilson Combat Knives in Sterling Heights

Wilson Combat Knives

Finding a good folding combat knife can be difficult. You need a high quality, durable knife from reputable makers and designers.

Fortunately, Wilson combat knives check all the boxes because they truly understand what a combat knife should be.

Features of Folding Combat Knives

Folding combat knives are slightly different to fixed blades, though there are a few features that are universal.

One difference is the open. A folding combat knife needs an assisted open of some sort, either a flipper or thumb studs so that the knife can be deployed as quickly as possible. The knife needs a good quality locking mechanism as well, something that is tough and can take a beating.

The knife should have a good, strong tip with a sharp point. Tantos, drop points, and spear points are the most popular, though you don’t see as many spear points in folding knives. The handle needs to be solid, synthetic for easy cleaning, and textured for better grip.

Why Choose a Wilson

Wilson Combat

Wilson uses top quality materials for their knives since they understand these blades have to be able to withstand heavy usage. The steel used is always high quality such as Elmax, cryo treated 154-CM, and CPM S35VN. The handles are made from materials like titanium and G10, and they even use a unique starburst for texturing.

Wilson’s knives are functioning works of art that are meant to be used daily for decades, not weeks. Extremely robust, it’s possible to use them to baton wood for a fire, which is generally frowned on with folding knives as they’re liable to break.

Even when working in collaboration, Wilson chooses the finest craftsmen to participate, and have worked with Hogue and Allen Elishawitz on projects in the past. If you want a quality knife that’s so durable you can pass it on to your grandchildren, Wilson is for you.

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