Winchester Ammo for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Winchester Ammo for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Winchester Repeating Arms Company is an important American firearm and accessories manufacturer, located in New Haven, Connecticut. The Winchester brand is owned by the Olin Corporation.

Winchester is famous for being one of the world’s most respected ammunition manufacturer. Winchester offers ammunition for every occasion, whether that be shooting, hunting, or protection. The company’s first ammunition went on the market in 1873, and since then it has been used by both civilians and the military of the United States.

Where is Winchester Ammo Manufactured?

Winchester Ammo

The ammo is manufactured in Alton, Illinois, where they also have a Winchester range and NILO Farms. People can go there to shoot and hunt all week long.

Calibers Offered

Calibers Offered

The company’s most successful cartridge was the .44 Henry rimfire, for which the Henry and 1866 rifles were designed.

Winchester also famously produced the .44-40 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), the .30 WCF, the .50 BMG, the .270 Winchester, the .243 Winchester, the .308 Winchester, the .22 WMR, and the .300 Winchester Magnum, all of which became some of the most successful cartridges in history.

The .30 WCF is the best-selling hunting cartridge in America. Olin Corporation continues to produce Winchester ammunition in several lines.

Winchester now offers many different other calibers to choose from. As seen on the company’s own website, these are the .10 mm, .25 Auto, .30 Carbine, .30 Luger, .32 Auto, .357 Mag, .357 Sig, .38 S&W, .38 Special, .380 Auto, .41 Rem, .44 Rem, .44 S&W, .45 Auto, .45 GAP, .45 Win Mag, and the .9 mm Luger.

Winchester ammo has a long history behind it, interconnected with the famous Winchester guns. If you’re searching for good ammunition for your guns, Winchester would be the best choice. You can find it for sale in our store.

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