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The word ballistics comes from the Greek word “ballein,” which means to throw. Just like a footballer would throw a ball, a bullet will also gain trajectory and velocity and is also susceptible to the natural laws of drag and gravity; this is why selecting the right type of ammunition is arguably the most important decision you can make when it comes to firearms.

You can have the perfect weapon and perfect scope and yet, if you choose the wrong type of ammunition, you may miss your target. Spending time selecting the right type of ammunition for the job at hand is of vital importance to the serious gun enthusiast.

Winchester Ammo

The .44 Henry Rimfire cartridge marked the beginning of the Winchester success story. The Henry rifle and 1866 rifles were actually designed with this type of ammunition in mind. Winchester then went on to perfect the art of ammunition making, taking into account shape, size, weight, and all the other different factors when designing ammunition, all to ensure that wind conditions and drag aside, the bullet would still reach its intended target.


Winchester continued to revise and perfect their technique of ammunition making, resulting in some of the most popular ammunition around the world today. In fact, the Winchester .30-30 is the best selling hunting cartridge in history, and the Winchester .308 is not far behind and is one of the most popular cartridges around the world.

Thankfully, to this day, Winchester cartridges are still being made by the Olin Corporation, who purchased Winchester in 1931, but they still maintain the high quality that provided the foundation of the early success of the company.

Winchester ammo for sale

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