Winchester Lever Action Rifles in Detroit, Michigan

Winchester Lever Action Rifles in Detroit, Michigan

Winchester Lever Action Rifles

If there’s anything that evokes images of the Wild West, cowboys, and the times when life was a daily exercise in survival, it would be Winchester lever action rifles. Winchester didn’t just create a rifle: They created a legend that has lasted to the present day.

The Heart of the Old West

Owning a Winchester is always about more than the firearm itself. It’s about continuing a way of life that began when the United States was still young. It defended – and continues to defend – homes, families, and communities.

While these guns are at the heart of the Old West, over the decades Winchester has added upgrades and modifications to keep them pertinent in today’s wide market variety. So these western classics that until recently were accurate to distances of 100 yards or so are now able to fire up to 400 yards.

If you’re looking for a rifle that will not only be a fun, easy shoot but look fantastic for years to come, Winchester lever action rifles are it.

Why Choose a Winchester

Winchester Lever

Lever action hunting is for those who are more interested in pitting themselves against nature, rather than pointing and shooting. Since most lever action rifles have nowhere near the range of a bolt action, hunting with a lever requires the ability to move quietly and stalk the game.

It takes you back to when the west was wild, and men had to put food on the table with a gun or go hungry. It involves skill, tenacity, and patience to be a successful hunter with a lever action rifle.

The truth is that while other models and makes have had their popularity come and go, lever action rifles have been a staple for over a hundred years. While some may claim that lever actions aren’t relevant anymore, those who value hunting skills know that nothing beats a Winchester.

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