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Armalite is a US manufacturer of lightweight small caliber assault rifles. One of the first rifles the company produced was the AR-10. This model eventually led to Armalite’s most famous weapon, the AR-15.

Today the AR models are seen as some of the most appealing and adaptable rifles on the market.

Popularity of the AR-15

  • Furniture

Armalite Guns

One of the reasons why the AR-15 is seen as the most popular of all civilian rifles is the “furniture” or the parts. It can be tailored to specifically suit almost any needs as the parts can be readily swapped out, due to allow you to use one of the many accessories available in the marketplace.

  • Shootability

When shooting the AR-15 the recoil is a lot easier to manage compared to other rifles. It is also more ergonomic when compared to a rifle like the famous Eastern Bloc weapon, the AK-47.
The AR-15 is a precision-built rifle especially built for accuracy. Many models come with modified hand guards and scope mounts.

  • Design

Main Parts

There are two main parts to the AR-15, that is the upper and lower receiver. After enough practice on the range by the owner, these parts can be quickly swapped out with ease.

It is also easy to clean, fully strip down to its parts and reassemble again. By switching enough parts and the caliber, it can also be used as a marksman’s rifle, a hunter’s rifle and even as a close quarter combat rifle.

Final Thought

With the AR-15 rifle, there really is no end to the amount of customization and you really are only limited by your imagination and of course budget. You will find a wide range of Armalite guns for sale online in Sterling Heights at IFA Tactical.

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