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Gunsmiths are skilled tradespeople who design, build, modify, and repair firearms of all descriptions according to customer demand. They may engage in creative and technical activities, such as woodcarving, engraving by hand, laser engraving, machining, welding, and refinishing.

Gunsmithing is one of the essential services for gun owners in the U.S. because it allows you to have your firearms periodically inspected and repaired if necessary. This protects owners and others from unsafe firearms and ensures your favorite firearm works properly on the range, in the field, or on the street.

The importance of a gunsmith

A firearm with mechanical defects may experience misfires, malfunctions, or an unintentional discharge, posing a danger to the user and bystanders. In a competitive match or on a shooting range for practice, a lack of functional reliability can be frustrating. However, in a self-defense situation, an unreliable or unsafe firearm could compromise your ability to protect yourself or your family.

If your firearm isn’t performing as expected, this could be due to incorrect assembly, missing parts, or improper alignment. Alternatively, it could be caused by simple wear and tear, a lack of proper maintenance, or cracks and burrs on working surfaces. If you have a broken firearm or need to repair firearm damage, don’t settle for amateur or do-it-yourself solutions.


Gunsmith Service

Some of the most common services a gunsmith can provide include assembly and disassembly for inspection and general maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication.

During the inspection process, the gunsmith determines the condition of firearm parts and whether they’re correctly installed. The gunsmith can also identify any signs of fatigue, rust, or pitting in the barrel and action. As part of the general inspection, the gunsmith can tell you whether the firearm finish needs restoring.

Once identified, a gunsmith can repair or replace damaged parts, remove burrs and corrosion, and fit or replace barrels and other parts. Gunsmiths also often install custom or aftermarket parts at the customer’s request. If you need us to install a stainless-steel barrel, recoil pad, adjustable butt plate, grips, or new stock, give us a call.

At IFA Tactical Gun Shop, our gunsmiths are highly experienced in firearm blueing, firearm restoration, threading barrels, installing triggers, and pillar-bedding hunting rifles.

If you want more advanced work done, like preserving antique firearms, blueprinting (also called trueing) a firearm, glass bedding, or complete custom firearm detailing, our professional firearms experts are the right choice.

Defense Firearms

The ideal firearm for self-defense is capable of flawless operation. Our gunsmiths can polish the feed ramp of your handgun and reshape or polish the chamber to ensure reliable feeding with modern defensive ammunition. In addition, we can fine tune the cycle for added peace of mind.

Competition Handguns

For competitive target shooting, a handgun needs to be more than reliable — it needs to be accurate, consistent, and ergonomic. From replacing the factory barrel and hand-fitting a match grade alternative to upgrading handgun trigger mechanisms, your weapon will be range-ready in no time.

Hunting Firearms

If you’ve purchased a new hunting rifle, we can help you select and install a suitable rifle scope and bore sight it. We can also perform the sight-in process to ensure your point of aim and point of impact are perfectly aligned for an accurate shooting experience.

Recoil Reduction

Some hunting and competition firearms can produce excessive recoil. Whether you need a recoil pad, muzzle brake, or barrel porting, we can make the necessary modifications to your weapon. This may also require the fitting of a new stock.

Professional Cleaning

Do you have a pistol, revolver, rifle, or shotgun that hasn’t seen a bore brush in years? We offer both basic and advanced handgun and long-gun cleaning services to keep your firearm usable and operating flawlessly for years.

Used Firearms

Bought a used gun and want to verify that it’s safe and functional? Inspecting firearms for functionality and diagnosing problems is one of our most popular services. It’s also one of the most critical gunsmithing tasks that we provide.

AR-15 Build Options

Our custom gunsmithing services include building a complete AR-15 rifle according to your specifications and using the parts that you request. However, we also offer different build options, depending on your budget and intended application.

In addition to upper and lower builds, we can also install a new drop-in fire control group, a binary trigger, and a low profile gas block. Alternatively, we can remove the A2 front sight and install a complete sight set for your gun.

The complete list of services that IFA Tactical Gun Shop offers includes:

  • Bare Barrel Threading
  • Feed Ramp Polishing
  • All Ak-47 and Sks Work
  • Muzzle Brake Installs and Timing
  • All 1911 Work
  • Stock Refinishing and Repair
  • New Barrel Installation
  • All Assault Rifle Platform Work
  • Basic and Advanced Scope Mounting

Gunsmithing Price Sheet

The price list for our full-service gunsmith shop includes the following:

  • Standard Bench Fee – $40.00
  • A2 Sight Removal/Low Profile Gas Block Install – $50.00
  • Simple Accessory (flip-up sights, handguard, pistol grip) – $20.00
  • Muzzle Brake – $20.00 – $40.00
  • Stripped Screw Removal – $30.00 (per screw)
  • Bore Sight – $40.00
  • Simple Accessory (Purchased from IFA) – Free – $10.00
  • Scope Install with Boresight – $70.00
  • Aftermarket Pistol Sights – $45.00 – $55.00
  • Scope Mounting – $40.00
  • AR Complete Build (includes test fire) – $120.00
  • Safety Check/Test Fire – $30.00
  • AR Lower Build – $55.00
  • Function Diagnoses – $40.00
  • AR Upper Build – $55.00
  • Gun Cleaning: Basic Handgun Cleaning – $40.00
  • Drop-in Trigger – $40.00
  • Basic Long Gun Cleaning – $40.00
  • Binary Trigger – $100.00
  • Advanced Handgun Cleaning – $60.00
  • Advanced Long Gun Cleaning – $60.00

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