The job of a gunsmith is to skillfully design, build, modify, renovate, and repair various types of firearms. IFA Tactical offers many of the same gunsmithing services that you would find at your local gun shop, and may even be more extensive. From jobs as simple as a professional cleaning to the ones that are as complex as blueprinting, IFA Tactical can help.

Gunsmithing is one of the most important services for gun owners in the United States because it allows firearms to be repaired and modified, protecting owners and others from an unsafe situation.

The importance of a gunsmith

Even if they’re being handled properly, there are a number of reasons why a firearm can be considered unsafe. A firearm that has mechanical defects can easily misfire or jam, making it a danger to yourself or others. At worst, when in a self-defense situation, if a firearm fails to work as expected it could be the difference between neutralizing a threat or becoming a victim.

In a less serious situation, for those who participate in shooting competitions, a firearm that doesn’t operate as expected could result in going home empty-handed.

If a firearm isn’t working as expected, the issue could be technical, such as incorrect assembly, missing parts, or improper alignment. Another set of issues could be wear and tear after extensive use or cracks and other damage.

Some of the most common services provided by gunsmiths include assemble and disassemble or inspection, cleaning, and lubricating a weapon. Gunsmiths can also repair damaged parts, remove dents, fit barrels or replace barrels and other firing mechanisms and they’ll add custom or aftermarket parts like recoil pads, grips, and stocks.


At IFA Tactical Gun Shop, gunsmiths can also re-blue your firearm, thread an assembled barrel, install triggers, or pillar-bed your hunting rifle. If you want more advanced work done, like preserving antique firearms, blueprinting (also called trueing) a firearm or glass-bedding, our professional firearms experts can do that too.

The complete list of services that IFA Tactical Gun Shop provides includes bare barrel threading, muzzle brake installs and timing, new barrel installation, feed ramp polishing, all 1911 work, all assault rifle platform work, all AK-47 and SKS work, all pump-action and semi-automatic shotgun work, stock refinishing and repair, basic scope mounting and advanced scope mounting.

A gunsmith’s primary responsibility

Although gunsmiths are responsible for modifying and repairing firearms, the primary responsibility of a gunsmith is to ensure the firearm they’re working on is safe to use and operates according to specifications.

Every gun mechanism will need to be inspected for safety while every deficiency needs to be corrected before the gunsmith can begin or continue their work.

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