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Charter Arms

Established in 1964, Charter Arms is an American gun manufacturer based in Shelton, CT, in what is also known as New England’s Gun Valley. Charter manufactures a full line of revolvers, which are known to be strong, reliable, and accurate, and they famously used for personal protection. The revolvers are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Famous Revolver Models

Charter Arms’ best-known models are the .44 Special Bulldog and the .38 Special Bulldog Pug, both of which are 5-shot traditional double-action revolvers. The company also famously produced the .22 Pathfinder, the .357 Mag Pug, and the .38 Off-Duty and Police Bulldog. These revolvers are now considered classics in the history of firearms.

Newer Designs

The company’s new line of revolvers features some improvements from the original design, including a front sight and a one-piece barrel, machined with eight grooves instead of six. This new feature ensures greater velocity and better accuracy. In the newer models, the gun cannot shoot when the trigger is not held in full rear position, thanks to a new mechanism which blocks the hammer system.

In 2008, Charter Arms announced the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver, also called the CARR. This revolver started being produced in 2011 when its name was changed to Pitbull. Initially, these models had 2.3” barrels and used a .40 S&W cartridge. Their design allows for easy cartridge insertion and retention in every chamber of the cylinder, thanks to a dual coil spring mechanism placed inside the extractor. They are compact, portable, and very reliable.

Charter Arms Revolvers

If you’d like to own one of these American classics, take a look at our line of Charter Arms revolvers. You can find them in our online shop. Their reputation, reliability, and their lifetime warranty make them perfect for experienced shooters and novices alike.Call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.
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