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Chiappa Survival Rifle

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When most folks talk about a survival rifle, they often mean a tactical weapon that may or may not have a lot of extras required by police or the military. A Chiappa survival rifle focuses on being lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying in a pack or storing in your car, ready for when you need it.

Features of a Chiappa Survival Rifle

Chiappa’s survival rifles are lightweight folding rifles with a design inspired by the U.S. Military’s M6 Air Crew Survival weapon. Chiappa’s M6-22 and X-Caliber rifles are bulkier in order to sustain larger caliber rounds than the M6 was designed for.

Their frames are steel, and the body is a durable polypropylene foam block. This not only absorbs the recoil, but it also helps keep the rifle light enough to easily carry. Both rifles are over unders, with a .22 rimfire barrel and a shotgun barrel, either 12 gauge or 20, depending on the model you choose.

Both rifles fold in half at the break for loading, and the action is controlled by the lever that doubles as a trigger guard. They also come with a Picatinny rail to mount optical sights and other accessories, though the guns do have a fixed and adjustable sight on the barrel.

Chiappa Survival Rifle

Why Choose Chiappa

Chiappa has built its reputation on innovation and thinking outside the box, combined with exacting standards and incredibly well-built weapons. Their designs start with a 3D model and uses CNC machining controlled by a computer. This allows them to manufacture firearms quickly, and cost effectively, so the savings can be transferred to you.

Once the pieces have been machined and assembled, they are visually inspected before being test fired at their in-house range, ensuring that everything is in working order. Their reliability is visible in the trial runs done on them, dragging the guns through mud and muck onto to find them working with minimal amounts of maintenance.

If you’re looking for a lightweight rifle to have on hand should you ever find yourself in a survival scenario, a Chiappa survival rifle is a great choice. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

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