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Tactical Fixed Blade
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While the word tactical is used to describe many things, perhaps one of the most accurate is the knife. Used by centuries in militaries around the world, the tactical fixed blade is would be the first to truly deserve the name.

Features of a Tactical Knife

As you doubtless know, a fixed blade knife is the one that can truly be considered tactical. Fixed blades are stronger, easier to care for, and more durable than a folding knife. Also, a smooth edge works better than a serrated or semi-serrated. There are far more uses for a smooth knife than a serrated one.

It should be a decent size, somewhere between 5 and 10 inches. Too large or too small and you’ll have trouble with your tasks. A spear point tip or sharp tip are the best shapes as self-defense is the first purpose of a tactical blade. The other is that you may need to pry things open, and a tip like that will give you an advantage.

A full tang is essential. Otherwise, your knife is liable to break at the first sign of heavy usage. A flat, solid pommel allows you to use the knife to dig a hole on the hammer on the pommel. As a final piece, a fixed blade knife ought to be made from a coated, high carbon steel for added strength and durability.

Who could use a Tactical Knife

Tactical Knife

Those who are frequently in the forest, who may end up leaving their vehicles and walking should carry a tactical knife. So hunters, survivalists, backpackers, and preppers will find this knife useful.

Military personnel and Search and Rescue should also be equipped with a tactical fixed blade knife as they may be called at a moment’s notice. Speak to your local IFA Tactical specialist to find the right knife for your needs.

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