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Modern guns first made their appearance in the 19th century, with the invention of many legendary rifles, pistols, and shotguns, some of which were so good they’re still on the market today.

We now have many types of guns available, some of which are known as tactical. Tactical guns are used by the military, as well as by civilians for sports, self-defense, and hunting purposes.

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What Does Tactical Mean?

Gun Store in Detroit

‘Tactical guns’ is a broad term which can encompass a variety of weapons. Usually, it refers to guns that have a pistol grip, a telescoping buttstock, threaded barrel, and the ability to accept high capacity magazines. They can be used by the police to keep us safe from the bad guys, or by the military to defend our country; they can be used for hunting, competitive shooting, or simply for fun shooting with friends.

No matter what you need a tactical gun for, you need to visit a good tactical gun store in order to find the best weapon for you. A good store will provide you with assistance and information, which is important especially if it’s your first time buying such a weapon.

The Right Store for You

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IFA tactical is one of the leading tactical gun stores in Detroit, Michigan. The store is run by gun enthusiasts who want to help their tactical shotguns, rifles, and pistols find new homes. From finding the right tactical gun to firearm safety, accessories, and cases, we’ve got you covered in every way. You can visit our physical store, if you prefer seeing the products in person before making a purchase, or go to our online store, and enjoy a comfortable shopping experience from home or wherever else you are. Our tactical gun store has everything you need.

Come check out our list of products, we only sell the top best-rated weapons and brands on the market.

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