Marlin Scope Mounts in Sterling Heights


Choosing the right scope and mount is as important as selecting the best rifle for your needs. Fortunately, Marlin scope mounts are as well thought out as the company’s rifles.

Types of Scope Mounts

There are two main types of scope mounts, one piece, and rings. They each have their pros and cons, and ultimately, which you choose depends on your rifle and what you need.

Scope rings are literally two rings to be mounted front and back on the rails, with detachable tops. The inner diameter of the ring must match the outer diameter of the scope for optimum fit. The rings are light, much lighter than a one-piece mount, and more flexible.

Whether flexibility is good or bad depends on your rifle and how you intend to use it.

The one piece mount has the two rings pre-attached to the base which then fits on the rail. It is heavier and more rigid than the rings, so for those who need it lightweight, this may not be for you. It adds more height to the scope and is mostly used for tactical purposes.

Other Considerations


Too often, scope mounts are chosen either at random or based on useless aesthetics. By this, we mean that any old thing will do and it doesn’t fit your rifle properly, or it’s selected because it looks cool. The important thing is to choose the one you and your rifle need, and this can mean an extensive conversation with your dealer.

A good dealer won’t push the most expensive scope mount at you, and will, in fact, ask some questions you’ll need an answer to. Some questions may be what range you intend to shoot at. Is this meant for competition and range shooting, or will you be hunting as well?

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