Rossi Firearms for Sale in Sterling Heights

Rossi Firearms for Sale in Sterling Heights


A generation ago every kid dreamed of being a cowboy, and that image came with more than a horse and a hat.

The lever action rifle, safely cradled in its scabbard wait for the just the right moment when the action arrived and was also ready to fire off a few shots at the bad guys riding in over the ridge.

You can have a taste of those old days in the Rossi R92 rifle, from Rossi Firearms. The R92 comes in a variety of deeply grained, rich hardwood stocks and in Colt .45, is the same caliber used in the old west. Rossi R92 is just one of the Rossi Firearms line available in stock, or online at the Sterling Heights store.


More game has been taken with a single shot shotgun than the myriad pump and semi-automatic guns of today combined. The single shot, breech loading shotgun hails back to a simpler time when accuracy, now firepower brought dinner to the table. The Rossi 20-gauge comes with a 28” black synthetic stock, the proven break-open breech design and a hammer that must be pulled back to fire. The double-action hammer is the best safety ever designed for a shotgun.


Cylinder Shotguns

Want people to take notice the next time you’re shooting clays or out in the woods. The Rossi Model 4510, cylinder style shotgun is a unique design in .410 gauge, but it also chambers 45 Colt ammunition, making it a truly versatile weapon. All models of the 4510 come with an attached mounting bracket so attaching a scope is simple.

Matched Pair

Need versatility in different rounds but only want to carry a single gun? The Rossi matched pair line will do the trick. Available in 20-gauge / .22 LR or .410-gauge / .22 LR it’s the perfect combination to take into the field on a sunny, autumn day.

For these and a much larger selection of Rossi firearms for sale, you can buy now at our online marketplace or visit us at our store location today.

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