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We’ve all heard the advice to keep things simple, and we’ve all likely given that advice too. This advice is popular because it’s true, and the single shot shotgun is a perfect way to keep things simple on the gun range for new and experienced shooters alike. The following are some reasons to make this type of shotgun a part of your firearm collection.

Simple operation

The simple and reliable action of the break-top design is a big plus for the single shot shotgun. Pump action and semi-automatic shotguns have higher capacities, but they can’t match the single shot for simplicity and ease of use.

Just break open the gun, load a shell into the chamber, and close it. That’s all there is to it.

Buy Single Shot Shotguns

Fewer moving parts

The simplicity of this weapon is due to fewer moving parts, which leads to it being lighter and more inexpensive than pump and semi-automatic models. The break-top design improves safety as well. It’s easy to see the broken open action from a distance, and it’s easy to see directly into the chamber to check that it’s clear.


There’s a reason this type of shotgun has been around for so long because it gets the job done. A simple gun with fewer parts means that there a fewer parts that can break or malfunction when you need them. It also means you can spend less time cleaning and maintaining the gun, giving you more time for hunting or shooting.

Are they only for new shooters?

Absolutely not. Although this shotgun model is an excellent choice for a new shooter or someone new to shotguns, many experienced shooters love them too. As you gain experience on the range, there’s no need to move on to the more complex shotgun models entirely. The effectiveness and longevity of this gun prove why it is an excellent choice for all types of shooters.

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