Rossi Model 92 Scope Mount in Sterling Heights

Rossi Model 92 Scope Mount in Sterling Heights

Rossi Model 92 scope mount

If you’ve already got the Rossi 92, you’ve no doubt noticed the factory buckhorn sights probably don’t meet your needs. While the Rossi Model 92 scope mount is currently unavailable, that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives on the market.

What to Look For

Every rifle has a different way of functioning, which is why there are so many different scopes and scope mounts. You need to find one that fits your rifle, in this case, the Rossi Model 92. The rifle is one of the top eject lever guns, and the scope mount cannot interfere with that action. Not if you want to shoot more than once.

Rossi’s scope mount is a one piece setup, which has distinct advantages in terms of strength and being able to use a tactical setup. However, because of the mechanisms used, you’ll need to be very sure that the mount won’t interfere with the workings of the rifle.

There are also two piece setups on the market, and it’s worth considering. Two piece mounts are much lighter than one, and because they are rings, there’s a better chance that they won’t interfere with the rifle’s ejection.

Why Choose IFA Tactical

At IFA Tactical, we have specialists who not only know the ins and outs of our products but understand what you’re looking for. We aren’t just salespeople; we are gun enthusiasts who have our own collections at home and head out to the range when we have free time.

We can help you find the right scope mount for your rifle when the original product has been discontinued. We have a wide range of one and two piece mounts available in store and online, and we’re more than happy to go over the specifications of them with you.

Is your rifle’s barrel tapered? Is it round? These things can influence how well a scope mount sits, and how comfortable and easy it is to work the gun. We’re here to help.

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