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Without a clear field of vision, you’re not going to hit your target. It doesn’t matter what brand of firearm you purchase, or how much you spent on it. And while some people are fine using iron sights, others prefer to use scopes. Scopes must be affixed to the firearm after purchase.

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Considerations before you purchase

Many different scopes and mounts exist, each with its own requirements, pros, and cons. It’s important so have an idea how you plan to use your scope so that you can make an informed decision before you buy a scope mount.

  1. Do you intend to use your optics on one gun or multiple guns?
  2. What other optics and firearms do you already have; will those fit with new accessories?

Detachable mounting systems

Shooters with optics they’d like to use with multiple guns should use one of these mounts.

  • Weaver style is a popular system produced by several manufacturers. It’s constructed of flat rails with perpendicular slots and used in conjunction with Weaver style rings. There b may be only a few slots on each base.
  • Picatinny style resembles Weaver except that it has wider deeper slots and more of them.
  • Clamp-on mounts are good for firearms that don’t have holes drilled for other mounts. They’re flexible to use because they require no gunsmithing or adjustment of the optics.

Fixed-position mounting systems

Shooters who want to permanently mount optics to one firearm should use one of these systems.

  • Dovetail systems are sometimes referred to as Redfield or Leupold style. It consists of thin grooves that run parallel to the receiver. These are good for those who want lower-sitting optics or have firearms with heavy recoil.
  • Universal systems normally have a dovetail in the front and opposing screws in the rear that are used for adjustments. Properly mounting a scope using this system will require additional alignment rods.

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