Tactical Fixed Blade in Sterling Heights

Tactical Fixed Blade in Sterling Heights

Tactical Fixed Blade in Sterling Heights

If you often go into the woods, mountains, desert or other isolated areas, you need to carry the right gear, so you are prepared for any eventuality. An essential part of your equipment is your knife. A tactical fixed blade can the difference of surviving any emergency that might occur.

Features of a Tactical Blade

Most experts agree you need a fixed blade knife. A folding blade has too many moving parts and a greater potential for breaking or damage that can affect your survival. A spear tip is best, as it is one of the most versatile and is considered the best general-purpose type.

The knife should be small enough for fine work but large enough to handle larger tasks such as cutting thick branches. A good rule of thumb is six to twelve inches long.

You definitely should consider a full tang for added strength, and it should have a smooth edge to the blade. You can do a lot more with a smooth edge than a semi or fully serrated one.

The steel can be either carbon or stainless: Each has its merits. The stainless steel will dull more quickly but has better rust and corrosion resistance. The carbon has better edge retention but will require more regular care. If you go with carbon, get a coated carbon to help prevent corrosion. Carbon steel is also brittle, but this can be offset by the size of the knife.

Who Could Use It

Law enforcement, military personnel, and even emergency responders can find a lot of benefits to carrying these kinds of knives. While military personnel will doubtless be issued with one, it can’t hurt to have one for personal use as well.

Tactical fixed blades are a great knife for hunters, survivalists, or others that spend a lot of time in the woods. The experts at IFA Tactical can help you with all your knife, firearms and ammunition needs. Contact us today by phone or email.

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