Tactical Lever Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Tactical Lever Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Over the years, there have been some minute changes to traditional firearms. One example is the tactical lever action rifle. The original all-purpose firearm, used for hunting, self-defense, and war, lever actions have seen some changes to meet the current desire for tactical weapons.

Features of a Tactical Lever Action

The ability to mount a scope or optics is essential because in a tactical situation, every shot needs to count. For a lever action, a red dot optic is one of the most popular options as it allows you to shoot from a lower position and work the action quicker and more accurately.

An important feature that may be missed by some is that a tactical lever action needs to have a side or angled ejection. The straight ejection will continually be fouled by the presence of a scope or other optic and can become a dangerous distraction.

The rifle should also have the ability to add a suppressor, first because it suppresses the noise, and in some tactical situation that can be essential. Second, a suppressor reduces the amount of recoil felt, which aids in rapid shooting and accuracy.

Why Choose a Tactical Rifle


One thing that is common amongst quality tactical gear is that it’s far more durable than standard items. After all, a tactical rifle needs to keep going in every situation and weather condition without fail. This leads to reliability as well, where it can fire no matter the circumstances.

Most tactical lever actions have a longer handrail than the traditional ones. This allows a longer reach, and many find it far more comfortable and ergonomic.

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