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For many people, especially those new to first ownership, ammunition is one of the most intimidating firearm subjects they encounter. It’s easy to get lost online amongst the jargon and opinions. But finding the most appropriate ammo for sale won’t be time-consuming or frustrating once you understand the basics.

Things to Consider

There are a few issues to consider whether you’re looking for ammunition intended for target practice, self-defense, or hunting.

  • What are the ballistics of the cartridge you’re purchasing? Understanding how weight affects your shot will help you become a more accurate marksman.
  • How will your round react to nearby structures such as soft tissue, walls, or car doors? Remember, you’re responsible for wherever that bullet ends up.
  • Is the type of ammunition you’re purchasing appropriate for the task you’re performing? For example, deciding if a hollowpoint is necessary.

Ammo for Sale Online

Ammunition for Different Types of Firearms

Each type of firearm requires its own kind of ammunition. Even so, lots of choices exist with regard to what can into your weapon; there several manufacturers and style of ammo for sale for each kind of firearm.

  • Rifle cartridges are long and thin to accommodate long distance shots. Rifles are capable of precisely hitting targets. These cartridges are capable of much higher muzzle velocity than a handgun.
  • Handgun ammunition tends to be short and fat compared to rifle rounds.
  • Shotgun ammunition accommodates the firearms’ long barrel and smoothbore. Shotgun cartridges are sometimes referred to as shells because a plastic ‘shell’ encapsulates several smaller pellets. An assortment of number and size of pellets is available and depends on your intended use.
  • Slugs are specific kind of shotgun ammunition. Instead of several pellets being encased in a plastic shell there is a solid piece of lead, steel, or rubber.

Slugs are the most powerful shotgun ammunition. These tend to be more accurate than other types of shotgun ammunition.

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