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It’s not difficult to find AR-15 rifles for sale online. It’s important to know exactly what you’re purchasing, and why this versatile firearm is so popular.


The early AR-15 was the brainchild of Eugene Stoner and George Sullivan, Chief Engineer of ArmaLite and Chief Patent Counsel for Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, respectively. In the late 1950s, the U.S. Army asked ArmaLite for a smaller caliber version of their existing AR-10; that firearm became the AR 15 Rifle.

ArmaLite eventually licensed the designs for both guns to Colt Firearms. In 1963 the U.S. Airforce (USAF) contracted Colt to produce the AR-15 as the Air Force’s standard issue piece. The USAF called it the M-16, a lighter replacement for its bulkier predecessor the M-14.

Colt later marketed a civilian version of the gun, keeping the AR-15 name. The original patent expired in the 1970s allowing the additional firearm manufacturers to start releasing their own models in the late 1980s. And while those new models had their own names, the moniker AR-15 remained in the consumer’s consciousness.

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Development of the modern AR-15 has always focused on technological advancement that makes the firearm more accurate, easier to shoot, and overall more useful.

The hallmark of the AR-15’s success is its modular system. Users can swap just about every part on the gun to create a truly personalized firearm. The modular design is why these firearms are referred to as being platform-based.

A variety of uppers are available and can be easily disconnected from the lower by disconnecting two pins. This allows the user to use differently sized ammo in one firearm. With little effort, the user can go from using .50 Beowulf to hunt large game, to using .22LR for target practice.

AR-15s offer an unsurpassed ability to accessorize with optics, stocks, and grips.

IFA Tactical carries platform-based firearms from manufacturers such as Bushmaster, and Radical Firearms.

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