Blackhawk Assault Rifle Cases in Sterling Heights

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While owning a rifle is all well and good, there still remains the issue of transporting it safely and securely to prevent unnecessary damage. Blackhawk assault rifle cases are part of a range of gear designed to withstand the toughest situations without fail.

Features of a Blackhawk Case

The Blackhawk cases are built with plenty of padding around the rifle for additional protection. The case is large enough that an AR-15 rifle can fit comfortably with a scope. Cases are made from waterproof materials, some with PVC laminate, some without, to offer you a greater variety of choice. These cases also have additional pockets, both for extra magazines and for any pieces of gear you may need to carry.

As Blackhawk’s cases do vary in size, it’s important to check the specs to ensure that your rifle will fit. Take the time to assess the gear you’ll need so that you can select a case that is able to contain everything, allowing you the ease of taking a minimal number of bags.


Why Choose Blackhawk

Blackhawk began after a Marine’s gear failed him when his pack broke and tumbled to the ground while he was making his way through a minefield. In order to prevent that happening to anyone else, Blackhawk was created to make gear that would match the highest standards that could be set.

Each design goes through rigorous testing to ensure it is durable enough to withstand anything you can throw at it. Blackhawk relies heavily on the field experiences of its designers, and particularly those of the creator of the company, Mike Noell, to inform its choices. If you have the opportunity to buy a product that is built for the rigors of military personnel in the field, you should take it.

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