Bolt Action Scope Mounts in Detroit, Michigan

Bolt Action Scope Mounts in Detroit, Michigan

Bolt Action Scope

Every type of firearm has unique requirements for properly fitting scopes. Bolt action scope mounts are no different, and they are designed to work with the features of bolt action rifles. While brand and quality recommendations are useful, the style of mount that you choose to use depends on your own personal preferences.

Types of Bolt Action Scope Mounts

There are two basic types of scope mounts: scope rings and one-piece mounts. Both are frequently and successfully used, and your preference and intended use for your rifle are the best factors to consider in choosing one.

Scope rings are exactly what they sound like. They consist of two rings that are mounted one in front of the other to fasten the scope down. While this option is much lighter, it can also be a bit more delicate. Look for brands that are recommended by precision shooters and for companies with a reputation for excellence. With a bolt action rifle, you will want to maximize your abilities.

A one-piece mount is usually a long metal bar, known as a rail, that allows you to fasten scopes and optics directly to the rifle. This type of mount is the most tactical, and it can withstand frequent usage and rough travel. One-piece mounts are also heavier, and if weight is an important consideration for you, consider ring mounts instead.

Why Add a Scope

Bolt Action Scope Mounts

Many sportsmen feel that standard factory sights are more than adequate for precision shooting. For some weapons, like lever action guns, which have a closer range, this may be true. However, scopes are essential to maximize the use of a bolt action gun.

Scopes allow you to utilize the maximum range of your rifle and have an added safety benefit. They let you closely examine the target and the area around it for other hunters, which reduces shooting accidents.

The improved accuracy that scopes afford is an advantage for various reasons. For hunters, you know you will be taking home dinner, and for competitive shooters, well, the benefits are self-explanatory.

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Bolt Action Scope Mounts in Sterling Heights

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