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Anyone who is looking at a new handgun will doubtless examine a Glock pistol at some point. With their reputation for accuracy and excellence, Glock is a highly sought after pistol. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most commonly seen handguns with military and law enforcement agencies.

Features of a Glock Pistol

Glock pistols have polymer frames to ensure they’re lightweight no matter the size. The frame is machined from a single piece for additional durability, and there are a minimal number of controls for easier operation.

Glock handguns use the Safe Action System which is a three-part system designed to prevent the handgun accidentally discharging if it’s dropped or impacted. Instead, the pistol only fires if the trigger is pulled back evenly, as this disengages the system sequentially.

There have been a number of changes to each type of pistol over the years without changing the base model, so those differences are listed as Generations. So there are Gen 3s, Gen 4s, and Gen 5s available. An example would be where the Gen 4s have interchangeable grips for optimum handling and performance or a dual recoil spring assembly to reduce recoil.

Examples of Pistols

Glock handguns

With handguns available for personal defense to hunting, Glock has a pistol for everyone. The Glock 19 is one of the most popular compact pistols available on the market today. A 9mm, you’ll never have a hard time finding cartridges for this handgun.

The Glock 27 offers the .40 Smith and Wesson in a sub-compact size. The preferred handgun for those who have a concealed carry, the M27 can compete with larger models in accuracy.

The Glock 20 is a 10mm pistol that has been used with a lot of success for hunting. The design allows it to carry a 10mm round when other handguns would fail under the pressure. It even has extended barrels available for it.

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