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Gun owners around the world have made Glock handguns one of the most popular brands available. You don’t have to be a gun owner to know about Glock firearms though. You’ve likely seen them plenty of times in your favorite action movies or on the hip of your local law enforcement officers. Among gun enthusiasts and law enforcement alike, they are synonymous with reliability and durability.

Given the brand’s reputation and versatility, it can be tough to decide on just one Glock to buy. Here are a few reasons to make a Glock 19 your next firearms purchase.


There’s a reason Glock is so popular with police departments around the globe. That’s because when you need the gun, you can be sure it will perform exceptionally well. Glock owners proudly tell of the weapon’s reliability and ability to perform despite tough conditions. Of course, we all take good care of our firearms, but it’s good to know that your sidearm will operate as expected when conditions aren’t perfect.

Glock 19 or Glock 17?

This question often arises because the two handguns are very similar. First off, you can’t go wrong with either of these guns; they are both great firearms that will provide years of reliable service. That said, there is a slight difference in the dimensions between the two models, with the Glock 17 being slightly larger.

Buy Glock 19


How can you make a good thing even better? With lots of accessories of course. No matter what you use your Glock for, you can enhance your experience with the wide variety of accessories available at IFA Tactical.

For nighttime security, upgrade your pistol with a night or fiber optic sights. Improve your time on the range with textured grips and new holster, and don’t forget magazines and speed loaders too.

Glocks are an excellent choice for self-defense and for fun on the range too. Contact us for everything related to your firearms and ammunition needs.

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