Buy Henry Repeating Firearms in Detroit Michigan

Buy Henry Repeating Firearms In Detroit Michigan

Henry Repeating Arms is a gun manufacturing company, ranked as one of the top five long gun manufacturers. The company manufactures shotguns and rifles. Henry Repeating Arms is the leading lever action firearms manufacturer.

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Henry Golden Boy

The company produces lever action rifles in centerfire and rimfire calibers, in All-weather, alloy, hardened brass, hardened silver, steel, and color case hardened finishes. The Henry Golden Boy is the company’s signature gun model. Its motto is “the gun that brings out the west to you.”

H001 Lever Action, Big Boy, and Long Ranger

Another popular model by Henry is the H001 Lever Action .22 rifle, of which they have already sold over a million copies.

The Henry Big Boy model is a centerfire lever action rifle, perfect for home defense, hunting, and cowboy style shooting.

And while speaking of centerfire lever actions, the Henry Long Ranger is worth mentioning. This gun is great for big game hunts, combining precision and bolt action distance.

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The .410

The Henry Lever action in .410 bore caliber is the only lever action shotgun currently available on the market. The Henry US Survival AR-7 is based on the U.S. Air Force AR-7, and it’s ideal for outdoor shooting. For those looking for a beginner’s rifle, the company offers the Henry Mini-bolt, presently the official youth rifle of the USA Shooting Team.

Furthermore, the manufacturer is the official firearms licensee of the American Boy Scouts. The Henry Single Shot Shotgun comes in hardened brass and steel finishes and various gauges and calibers.

Henry Repeating Arms offers the opportunity for other companies to place their logos on guns for dealer rewards and employee retirements and has a line of tribute rifles as well.

Final Word

From one of the biggest manufacturers in the country, you can only expect the best quality arms. Henry Repeating firearms are what you need if you like long guns, hunting, and other outdoor shooting activities.

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