Buy Single Shotguns Online in Detroit, Michigan

Buy Single Shotguns Online in Detroit, Michigan

Single Shotguns

Single shot shotguns are still popular despite the fact that technology evolved to bring us repeating and semiautomatic guns. They have endured over the centuries, and are now considered a classic. There are many advantages when it comes to owning a single shot.


The mechanism behind these guns is simple. That means, no feeding issues, extraction and ejection are mechanically easy. Single shot guns are minimalistic, a look that many shooters are after. They’re not complicated machinery, they just do what they’re supposed to do. Single shotguns are perfect for introducing older children to firearms, and their simplicity allows the new shooters to focus on precision, without the distraction caused by repeating fire. They are usually more compact and shorter than other types of long guns, and they are slim due to the absence of a magazine, but they are still powerful nonetheless.

Discipline and Accuracy

Single shot guns encourage shooters to practice a lot and to take their time when they’re about to fire at a target. When you only have one shot, you have to choose it carefully. This leads to improved shooting discipline and accuracy. And single shot guns are notorious for their accuracy, especially compared to magazine fed rifles. The difference here is in the magazine. Magazine fed rifles have a hole at the bottom of the receiver, which makes the magazine flexible and the shot less accurate. But single shotguns do not have that problem. So just aim, fixate your target, take a deep breath, and fire a well-planned shot that will hit the target from the first try.

Prices for single shot guns range from very affordable to high end, so whatever your budget is, there is a single shotgun waiting for you. Check out the listing on our website, and call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.

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