Centerfire Lever Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Centerfire Lever Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Centerfire Lever Action Rifle

Lever action rifles first appeared in the later part of the 1800s and have been in use ever since. Although the essential mechanisms have remained the same, manufacturers have updated and improved them over the last century. If you’re looking for a larger caliber version, the centerfire lever action rifle could be perfect for you.

What is the Difference Between Centerfire and Rimfire

Centerfire cartridges have a small primer cap in the center of the base. When firing a round, the striker hits this small point, which ignites the power, firing the bullet. A rimfire has the primer spread inside the casing, and the striker hits the rim of the casing, which then ignites the powder. Because of the nature of the casing, a centerfire cartridge can be made at larger calibers than the rimfire, and they are also reloadable.

A rimfire cartridge can only be used once. The modern rule of thumb is that anything over a .22 caliber will be a centerfire, and anything below that will be rimfire. The centerfire cartridge is also far more reliable than a rimfire. If you’re in a situation where you need every round to perform as it should, you’d better hope you have a centerfire rifle.

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Why Choose a Centerfire Lever Action Rifle

Lever action rifles are notoriously reliable, having been able to function under less than ideal circumstances since Winchester made the style popular. Modern technology and machining have improved on that. So it only makes sense to have a cartridge as reliable as your rifle, and the centerfire can give you that.

The lever action is steeped in American culture, and in truth, you can’t really go wrong with a lever action rifle. Combine that with the benefits of the centerfire cartridge, and you join the ranks of all those who have carried a centerfire lever action rifle before you.

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