Century Arms Ak 47 for Sale in Detroit Michigan

Century Arms Ak 47 for Sale in Detroit Michigan

Century Arms

Century International Arms is a manufacturer and importer of firearms founded in 1961 in St. Albans, Vermont. It, later on, moved its headquarters to Boca Raton, Florida, and Delray Beach, Florida. The company has been working to provide its customers with 100% American-made guns, some of which replicate the famous AK design.


The most popular Century Arms AK 47 is the Red Army Standard RAS47, a name reminiscent of the Cold War Soviet era. It is modeled after the original Kalashnikov design, with a focus on affordability and reliability.

The RAS47 is gas operated and semi-automatic. It employs a long-stroke gas piston system, and it’s chambered for the 7.62×39 mm cartridge. The right side of the gun features an enhanced safety selector with a bolt safety which is cut to hold the bolt in open positions, while the left side features a 4-inch-long optics rail.

The receiver is stamped from 1.59 mm 4140 sheet steel and treated with a black nitride finish. Its stamped cover fits tightly on top of the receiver, and it does not produce any rattling sounds. The gas block, the bolt carrier, and the front trunnion look like cast components instead of machines.


Century Arms also makes accessories for AK type guns. One of these is the RAK-1 enhanced trigger group, a single stage, steel bow trigger. Although it’s a single stage trigger, when installed it behaves like a two-stage trigger. When pressing it, the trigger shows firm resistance, then breaks halfway through the trigger cycle.

The trigger guard is made of sheet steel, and it supports a T-shaped magazine release lever just in front of the black polymer grip.

Century Arms Ak 47

The Century Arms Ak 47 style guns and accessories have received many great reviews from connoisseurs. They are based off the original Russian design but manufactured according to American quality standards.

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