Cerakote Firearms

Cerakote Pricing

Long Gun Cerakote – (AR-15, AK47, Bolt Action, and Shotgun ect…)

One Color – solid color$180.00
Two Color$200.00
Handguard – AR-15 Style$60.00
Stripped Upper – AR-15 Style$50.00
Stripped Lower – AR-15 Style$50.00
Rifle Barrel – solid color, removed from action$40.00
Barreled Action – Solid color$100.00
Magazine – AR-15 Style$20.00
Rifle Stock – Solid Color$75.00

Pistol Cerakote – Revolver, semi auto, (Not including AR-15 style pistols)

Complete One Color$140.00
Two tone – two solid colors on pistol$170.00
Frame – Frame only$60.00
Slides – slide only$60.00

Camouflage Patterns Cerakote

Long Gun – (AR-15, Bolt Action, and Shotgun ect…)$350.00
Upper / Lower – AR-15 style$200.00
Pistol – semi auto, revolvers$250.00
Auto pistol slides only$200.00
Rifle Stock – bolt action$200.00

Suppressor Cerakote- Using air cured, C- series Cerakote

One Color$50.00

Scope Cerakote – Using air cured, C- series Cerakote

One Color$50.00

For any questions you can contact Steve at 248-747-3526

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