AR Cerakote Firearm Coating

Applying a cerakote finish to your Armalite rifle (AR) adds a vital layer of protection to the outer casing, and protects the inner parts. Choose your preferred cerakote color and tones to personalize your weapon, while keeping it safe from bumps, scratches, and wear-and-tear.

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a thin-film ceramic, resistant to the weather, chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, and shock-resistant. At only 0.001” thick, you won’t notice it is there, but it is essential for keeping your AR in prime working order.

An AR cerakote finish binds easily to carbon steel and polymers, making it the ideal coating for your gun. Because there is no added bulk, your AR feels just the same in your hands, and the finish doesn’t add any additional weight. While this is useful for comfort, it can be critical in a life-or-death situation.

Applying an AR Cerakote Finish

Only a professional can apply a cerakote finish. If an uncertified user coats their weapon, it can lead to abnormal thickening and even affect the working parts. A reliable gunsmith starts by entirely disassembling the gun, degreasing the parts, and removing the remaining oils.

Using a high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray gun, they smoothly and evenly coat the metal parts before curing metal parts at a temperature of 480°F, and the polymer and plastic parts at around 300°F. The correct disassembly and reassembly of your AR is critical to ensuring it is ready when you need to fire, so only trust a certified professional to carry out this procedure.

Benefits of an AR Cerakote Finish

Your AR rifle has many moving parts, and each one should be well-maintained and protected to ensure your weapon functions efficiently. Normal wear-and-tear can occur just from handling your AR because your hands contain natural oils that can damage the metal’s integrity. When shooting, the bullet leaving the chamber can wear down the metal, and there is also the damage that can occur when picking up, setting down, and transporting your AR rifle.

Over time, the continual contact with other surfaces erodes the metal or polymer, leaving your weapon susceptible to the elements and harmful chemicals. Scratches and dents also affect your AR’s appearance, which, while not affecting the functionality, can be frustrating when you consider the money you’ve invested in your gun.

An AR cerakote finish puts a hard coat on your weapon’s outer frame, reducing the risk of suffering scratches and dents. This protective coating also minimizes the impact on the inner parts if you accidentally drop your firearm. Because the cerakote layer is thin, it protects the moving parts from wearing down when they move, increasing their lifespan and keeping them in working order.

Cerakote is waterproof, preventing moisture from entering your gun and safeguarding ammunition. The thin layer also stops water from contacting the outer metal frame, preventing rusting.

While getting an AR cerakote finish is usually a protective measure, it can also be aesthetic. Cerakote comes in various colors, and at IFA Tactical, we offer single color, two colors, and two-tone finishes. This feature is also useful if you conceal your weapon because you can choose a color that blends into your clothing.

How Do I Get an AR Cerakote Finish?

A qualified cerakote applicator must apply your protective coating. A professional provides you with the peace of mind that they apply the cerakote correctly, your gun works correctly after application, and that you can return to the retailer if you encounter any problems in the future.

For a fast and reliable cerakote, Michigan applicator, contact IFA Tactical at (586) 275-2176.


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