Cimarron Firearms in Sterling Heights

Cimarron Firearms in Sterling Heights

If there is one company that keeps the Old West alive for current and future generations, it’s Cimarron Firearms.With admirable attention to detail to make authentic reproductions, Cimarron allows the everyday gun enthusiast to own a quality replica at affordable prices.

The Brand

Cimarron began in 1984 when it was founded by Mike Harvey specifically to import reproductions. The attention to detail is meticulous, including using original 1800s pieces as patterns to base newer models on for the greatest accuracy and authenticity. Cimarron even had the font type specially made for the purpose.

The company keeps the Old West alive, making firearms that are both functioning and relevant in the field today while still looking like a pistol used at the OK Corral.

Firearms Available From Cimarron

Cimarron Firearms in Sterling Heights

The Cimarron CA282 is a lever action rifle based off of the ’73 Winchester, arguably the most famous gun of the Wild West. Given an authentic look with a straight walnut grip, blued finish and a fourteen round capacity, which includes one in the chamber, this rifle is a beauty.

Cimarron’s El Malo is a revolver based on the famous Peacemaker of American legend. Manufactured by Pietta of Italy, this handgun is a single action revolver with walnut grips and a five and a half in blue barrel. It takes either a .357 Magnum or .38 Special and packs quite a punch for its size.

The Cimarron Thunderer is a prime example of how a distributor of replicas can be an innovator. The company combined the Colt Single Action Army, one of the best handguns ever, with the grip frame of the double action Thunderer. The result is a secure, comfortable grip and great shooting.

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