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Guns have been around for centuries, and their sales have been increasing more and more over time. They come in many shapes and sizes, and each serves a different purpose. Shotguns, handguns, rifles, carbines, there are many options on the market. Today, about a third of the American population owns at least one gun, and there are about 300 million firearms in total owned by civilians in the United States.

For many gun owners, it’s all about self-defense. Having a gun gives you a fighting chance in case a burglar or attacker tries to get into your house or hurt you. It’s been proven that just the fear of being shot at is usually enough to deter criminals from breaking into certain homes.

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For other people, shooting is like a sport. They like shooting with friends or even participating in professional shooting competition. Some like using guns for hunting in the wild and other simply buy guns to collect them or keep them as a store of value. Whichever way you’d like to use a gun, to buy one, visiting a gun store is the best way to ensure you are getting a quality piece.


With the advent of the internet, gun stores are now to be found both online and in physical form. Online shopping has the advantage of being more comfortable and eliminating the time and energy spent driving to a store and back. Physical stores have the advantage of interacting face to face with the store dealers, being personally guided through all the products and procedures. Advice can be requested in both cases, either by calling or emailing the store or talking to an employee in person. Choosing between physical and online stores comes down to personal choice.

Unlike other gun stores, we are offering you both options. In person or online, we will help you find the best guns for you, at affordable prices.

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