Handgun Ammo in Sterling Heights

Handgun Ammo in Sterling Heights

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There is a huge variety of handgun ammo available, and it can get tricky figuring out which one you need. The type of ammunition you will use depends on the type of firearm you have, and tends to be very specific.

Everyone who shoots should have a basic understanding of the parts and uses of ammunition.

Types Of Ammunition

There are two main types of ammunition, centerfire, and rimfire. Most of the components are the same, with one significant difference. Both types have an outer part, called the casing that contains everything. Inside, there is powder, and the bullet at the tip. Finally, there is the primer, which is where the differences occur.

The primer sets off the spark that ignites the powder, which propels the bullet. In a centrefire cartridge, the primer is located in the middle of the base. It can be seen as a small circle which is the centerfire’s primary identifier. A rimfire has a weaker casing because it’s struck on the rim, crumpling it slightly and causing a spark to ignite the powder.

Rimfires are low calibers, with nothing more powerful than a .22. If you want a stronger caliber than that, it will always be a centerfire. Each requires its own firearm as the striking hammer hits a different location.

Handgun Ammo in Sterling Heights

The Basics

It’s not uncommon to see a 9mm listed as a 9x19, and it can be confusing to see at first but is quickly explained. When you see ammo that’s one number by another, it’s simply width and length in millimeters. So in terms of that 9x19, it’s nine millimeters wide by nineteen millimeters long.

The phrase stopping power doesn’t really exist. While it technically refers to how many bullets it takes to drop a person, anybody who uses it a lot is compensating for something.

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