Henry Lever Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Henry Lever Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

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If there was only one modern rifle and company that embodied the current American spirit, it would be the Henry lever action rifle. Manufactured in the U.S. as all popular rifles used to be, the Henry rifle keeps the iconic look of blued steel barrels, wooden stocks, and brass receivers.

Benefits Of A Lever Action Rifle

A lever action is small, lightweight, and maneuverable, perfect for carrying in a saddle scabbard or hunting in thick brush. It doesn’t take long to gain a good degree of proficiency with a lever action rifle, and a truly skilled shooter can fire so fast it sounds like a drumroll.

These rifles are simple to operate, clean, and maintain, and you learn a fair bit of history while you’re at it.

This is the perfect rifle for anyone who wants to stalk their game and experience man versus nature, as it was when the lever action was invented.

Henry Lever Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Why Choose A Henry

Henry Repeating Arms manufacture firearms within the U.S. which leads to a high level of care and pride for each rifle. You can find rifles as both center and rimfire, in a variety of calibers and capacities. Availabilities include a five-round tubular magazine for the .45-70 all the way up to 21 rounds for the .22 short rifles of the Frontier range.

The .45-70 has a very simple way to unload a full magazine and disarm the rifle. Simply remove the magazine, empty the tube, and cycle the round out of the chamber. So while a rifle is only as safe as the person using it, Henry is doing its best to ensure safety is as quick and easy as possible.

Lever action rifles aren’t known for being the most accurate, but Henry’s rifles are some of the best on the market, requiring only a shallow learning curve.

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