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Hunting Rifle Scope

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Whether to hunt with a scope or not is a personal choice, though there are a number of advantages to using a hunting rifle scope. You can see your target more clearly, shoot in poorer lighting, and be more accurate. However, there are a number of scopes available, so choosing the right one can take a bit of time.

What to Look for in a Hunting Scope

Everything about the scope depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re shooting at ranges of 500 meters and more, you’ll want a different scope to someone shooting at shorter distances.

The objective lens lets light into the scope. The larger the lens, the more light you have to see by, and the clearer the picture at your target. However, larger lenses mean a heavier scope, so take that into consideration.

There are 5 types of reticles, and you should discuss with your supplier what you need so you can find the best one for you. While you’re with them, consider the eye relief you need, and whether to get a waterproof scope.

Why Choose a Scope for Hunting

Scope for Hunting

Everybody knows a scope magnifies your target, allowing you to see it clearer. What you may not think about is that this means you’re able to see what’s behind and around it, which will reduce the possibility of accidents.

The reticles, or crosshairs, in a scope give you a more accurate idea of where the bullet will go. This increases your chances of making a hit with your first shot and bringing a few days’ worth of dinner home.

Using a rifle scope can increase the amount of available light for you to see by with the objective lens. This means that you can see more clearly in poor lighting with a scope than you would with the naked eye. Hunting at dawn and dusk becomes easier, which is when the game is most active.

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