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Lever action shotguns are as synonymous with classic Americana as apple pie and baseball. It’s the firearm carried by figures in historical paintings, and characters in old western television shows.

Today, level action shotguns are still popular action movie weapons. A lever action shotgun was used in a famous scene of the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. In it, The Terminator flips, cocks, and fires a Winchester 1887, something only someone with Arnold’s strength could do!

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Winchester is one of the oldest reputable firearm manufacturers, helped develop the first lever action shotguns and rifles. Their Winchester Model 1873 rifle is one of the most famous lever action firearms and was popular in the late 1800s.

At the time Winchester wanted to expand their product line and developed the Winchester 1887 with the help of John Moses Browning.

Browning, like Winchester, continues to manufacture quality firearms though neither have modern versions of lever action shotguns.

Today lever action shotguns produced by Chinese manufacturer Century International Arms and Italian-based manufacturer Chiappa for consumers.

IFA Tactical’s professionals can help you choose the best lever action shotguns suitable to your needs. They make great collectors’ items and are a fun recreational gun to shoot.

Lever Action Shotguns

Lever action long guns are very dependable. A lever action shotgun makes a statement. These guns can take a lot of punishment and still work as designed. Even though shotgun users today rely mostly on pump action, which IFA Tactical also carries, a lever action is a terrific addition to any collection.

If you are a shotgun aficionado, you will want to have one of these given their unique history.
Lever action firearms are used today for sports shooting and certainly any gun collector will want one.

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