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Mossberg Over Under Shotgun
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Most guns are designed and built for a specific purpose, whether that’s deer hunting, home defense, skeet shooting, or something else. The Mossberg over under shotgun is one such that has a very specific purpose: It is great for birds, skeet shooting, and clay shooting.

Reasons to Choose an Over Under

An over under is extremely reliable. With fewer moving parts than a bolt or pump action, there’s less that can go wrong. Everything about the over under’s action is enclosed, so when you combine that with the few moving parts you have a gun that’s pretty weather resistant, too.

Whether you’re at a range or shooting on private property, it’s easy to stay in control of your empty shells. Just cup your hand around the breech as you open it, since most over unders have an automatic ejector. Leaving the gun open also lets others know that the gun is safe. These guns are very easy to clean, courtesy of their lack of moving parts. They are easy and cheap to maintain, and you don’t have to learn any complicated disassembly procedure.


Why Choose a Mossberg

The largest cost for a rifle or shotgun is in the barrel. As a result, double barrel shotguns are the most expensive to make. Mossberg, in a fit of genius, brought out a beautiful, cost-effective over under shotgun back in 2013. Since then, they have come out with a variety of versions in every gauge.

Mossberg has a reputation for innovation and excellence in their work which continues today. The Mossberg over under shotgun is reliable, accurate, and shows the care and attention that is given to all their guns. So if you’re looking for a new shotgun, whether for sporting or hunting, a Mossberg should be on your list.

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