Optics & Mounts for Sale in Detroit Michigan

Optics & Mounts for Sale in Detroit Michigan

Optics & Mounts

When it comes to firearms, optics may refer to different types of scopes or sights. Scopes are used to magnify a distant image for better sight. A sight is a device used to visually align the firearm with the intended target for better aim.

Optics variations include iron sights, telescopic sights, reflector sights, holographic sights, laser sights, and infrared illuminators.

Optics & Mounts for Sale

Stabilization Factor

Weapon mounts are used to affix the weapons for stabilization. There two kinds of mounts, static and non-static. Static mounts include fixed mounts, pintle mounts, and swing mounts. Non-static mounts include turrets and coaxial mounts.

Fixed and Pintle Mounts

Fixed mounts do not move with respect to the vehicle; instead, the vehicle needs to move to change the direction of fire.

Pintle mounts allow the gun to be freely traversed and elevated while keeping it in a fixed position. They have little to no armor protection, unlike a turret.

A swing mount also called a swing arm, is used to achieve a greater and more flexible arc of fire than with a pintle. Swing arms can vary from a simple arm to a double arm. Turrets allow the gun to be aimed and fired in many directions, all while protecting the weapon and the shooter.


Turrets are rotating platforms that can be armed with one or more machine guns, large caliber guns, and other types of weapons, and they are typically armored. The armor can provide protection against battle damage or against the weather.

Cupolas and Finials

Smaller turrets are called cupolas and finials. Coaxial mounts are mounted beside the primary weapon, pointing in the same direction as the weapon.

Some rifles have a smaller caliber spotting rifle mounted in coaxial manner on the main rifle’s barrel; spotting rifles allow the shooter to see where the primary rifle’s projectile will hit. Optics and mounts can be important accessories for your weapons.

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