Over Under Break Action Shotgun in Detroit, Michigan

Over Under Break Action Shotgun in Detroit, Michigan

Over Under Break Action Shotgun

It can be difficult to know what kind of shotgun to choose, given the large variety of types, makes, models, and calibers. An over under break action shotgun may be the right choice, though not the traditional choice for someone looking for a good home defense weapon.

What is an Over Under Shotgun

An over under shotgun is a break action shotgun with the barrels stacked one atop the other. They only hold 2 shells, and what those shells are loaded with isn’t as important as it is with pumps or semi-automatics. So if you’re a home re-loader, this shotgun could be the one for you.

Most O/U’s have an automatic ejector, and all you have to do is cup your hand over the loader and catch them. Much easier for those who do their own reloading. They have very few moving parts, most of these having to do with the ejector, and the opening mechanism itself.

Why Choose an Over Under Shotgun

Over Under Shotgun

Reliability is a primary reason to purchase an over under shotgun. You can’t jam them, you can’t short stroke them, but you will get a shell fired with each trigger pull. Actually, you can put almost any ammunition in them. If it fits, it fires.

These shotguns have a greater degree of safety than some others, though we remind you that they are only as safe as the shooter. When the gun is open, you simply can’t fire. Carrying it open signals others that you are safe. The action is fully enclosed, and only exposed when open, so it’s very weather resistant, perfect for those living in areas with high rainfall.

You can load each barrel with a different shell, so if you’re looking to shoot one close target and one distant, you can load your shotgun appropriately. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

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