PTR Guns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

PTR Guns for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

A Precision Target Rifle, also known as PTR, refers to a series of modern semi-automatic rifles based on the Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle.

PTRs are manufactured in America by the PTR Industries, Inc., located in Aynor, South Carolina.

These guns are used both by civilians and law enforcement agencies.

PTR Guns

Trustworthy, Roller Rock Operated Guns

PTR guns are roller-rock operated weapons, and they are among the most reliable and accurate. The roller-lock system is time-tested and proven to deliver a smooth operation.

This means better accuracy, and who doesn’t want that? This weapon has a long legacy behind it, servicing law enforcement and military professionals alike.

PTR Guns Are Made from the Best Material on the Market

Best Material gun

In the beginning, PTR rifles were made mostly from surplus parts that sometimes came from overseas.

But nowadays, the rifles and all of their components are manufactured in the company’s South Carolina facility.

The company is now self-sufficient and has full control over the quality of the guns they’re producing. A team of designers, engineers, gunsmiths, and other professionals is constantly refining and updating the design of these guns in order to make them the best.

The manufacturing process uses cutting edge technology and materials, to make guns that users can rely their lives on. The company is continually growing and investing in new machinery, to increase the quality as well as lower the price of the final product.

The best-known and oldest version of the PTR-91 rifle is the PTR-91F. The company also produces higher-end versions of the rifle, such as the PTR-MSG91, and a line of products chambered in 7.62×39 mm known as the PTR-32 series.

Precision Target Rifles have been tested and approved by law enforcement agencies, a fact which attests to the guns’ performance.

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