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The first decision for most firearm buyers encounter involves preference: revolver or semi-automatic. Revolvers have been around longer than semi-automatics, but the number of semi-automatic handguns is rising. These handguns were introduced in 1892, and by some estimates, semi-automatic weapons now account for 20 to 50 percent of all firearms owned.

Advantages of a Semi-automatic Handgun

They’re lightweight. For their power, semi-automatic handguns don’t weigh much. This makes them easy to maneuver and to conceal. Frames of revolvers are constructed of aluminum or steel while polymer is the material of choice for manufacturers of semi-auto pistols.

  • Trigger pull is lighter. Revolvers tend to have a heavier trigger which can be difficult for small-framed persons, or new shooters. Additionally, the trigger of a semi-auto pistol is adjustable by changing the assembly; that option isn’t available for revolvers.
  • Concealment is easy. Semi-auto handguns are more streamlined because don’t have a bulging cylinder; they fit neatly and smoothly behind waistbands and under shirts. Their lighter weight also makes them feel less bulky when worn.
  • They’re comfortable to hold. Semi-auto handguns are well-balanced; not front-heavy like revolvers.
  • Many accessories are available. Semi-auto pistols have lots of upgrades available and can be easily customized to suit individual shooters.

Semi-Automatic Handguns

Ultimately, choosing a semi-automatic handgun is a personal preference; both types of firearms work well for defense or target practice. And IFA Tactical’ s knowledgeable staff is available to answer all your handgun questions.

Always check your local laws concerning licensing and permits for firearm ownership, gun collecting, and concealment. Each state regulates the purchase and possession of firearms differently. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff here at IFA Tactical can help you with online or out-of-state purchases.Call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.
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