Single Action Automatic Pistol in Sterling Heights

Single Action Automatic Pistol in Sterling Heights

Single Action Automatic Pistol

While there are a huge variety of guns that can fall under the mantle of single action automatic pistol, they all have the lighter, easier pull of a single action. Most of these guns, however, were popular in the first half of the 20th century. Most handguns are double action today.

What is a Single Action

Single action strictly refers to the action the trigger performs during firing. In a single action pistol, the hammer falls when the trigger is pulled causing the bullet to be fired. This means the hammer must be manually cocked before the first time the trigger is pulled. Double action or automatics don’t require manually cocking the hammer each time you fire. A double action handgun will cock the hammer as the trigger is drawn back until the trigger reaches a certain point when the hammer is dropped and the gun fires.

Automatic Pistol

Benefits of a Single Action Automatic

The primary benefit of a single action automatic pistol is that the trigger pull is much shorter and lighter. This makes the action much smoother, leading to greater accuracy for firing. While this first benefit over a double action is mitigated by an experienced shooter, it cannot be denied that a newer shooter will have an easier time with a single.

It’s a good idea to talk to your seller and try out several different pistols to find one that suits you. See if it’s possible to fire a few rounds as well. It all comes down to how the pistol feels in your hand, but fortunately, at IFA Tactical we have a whole range of single action pistols for you to choose from.

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