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Today’s gun choices are wide open. There are variations of materials used, accessories, bullet types, and shot capacity. The decision over what type of gun to use can be a long, difficult experience for the gun buyer who isn’t prepared. However, experienced hunters and gun owners know the benefits of the single shot rifle.

Why the Single Shot?

In a world where bigger is better, and more is definitely more, many would assume that a gun which holds multiple rounds is better than one that only holds one. But things aren’t always what they seem. Single shot rifles are a great choice for lots of reasons.

  1. Safety
  2. Simplicity
  3. Strength


  1. Safety

The streamlined system of the single shot rifle makes it a safe and easy to use rifle for beginners. Because there is only one bullet in the gun at any time, it makes it ideal for those who are just learning to shoot. Overall, it’s a great safety choice for anyone using it—from beginner to seasoned pro.

  1. Simplicity

The single shot rifle is typically lighter and shorter than guns that hold more rounds. This makes it easier to carry and simpler to shoot. Besides this, the shooting action of a single shot is as simple as it gets. Load, aim, shoot. Repeat. When spotting a big game animal, this simplicity can come in handy. There is no guessing. Only shooting.

  1. Strength

Single shot rifles can pack a punch, generally due to the streamlined design. For those hunting big game, or tracking down unwanted pests in the wild, the strength of the single shot is a great benefit. While other guns might be more powerful, no one can argue the strength of the single shot.

Gun enthusiasts have been using the single shot for generations. There is no doubt that the single shot rifle has its uses and makes a terrific addition to the gun collection of hunters and gun lovers everywhere.

Ifatactical has a wide variety of single shot rifles available. Call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.

Call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.
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