Smith & Wesson Firearms Online in Detroit, Michigan

Smith & Wesson Firearms Online in Detroit, Michigan

Smith & Wesson Firearms Online in Detroit, Michigan

Established in 1852, the American Smith & Wesson company manufactures firearms, ammunition, and some accessories. The Smith & Wesson brand is among the most recognizable gun brands today.


The company’s history starts in the 19th century when Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson founded the company bearing their names.

Following that, they created their first rifle, named the Volcanic, in 1856, Wesson started working on a cartridge revolver, just as Colt’s patent on the revolver design was about to expire soon.

The cartridge revolver became a huge success.

Examples of Smith & Wesson Firearms

Throughout time, the company has come up with many different guns. They manufactured a series of revolvers, including the Smith & Wesson:

  1. Model 1 and Model 1 ½
  2. Model No. 2 Army
  3. Model 3
  4. .38 Single Action revolver
  5. Double Action
  6. Ladysmith
  7. Safety Hammerless (also called the 38 Safety, Model 40, or Model 42)

The company also produced many semi-automatic pistols, for example, the Smith & Wesson Model 1913, the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380, Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory, and more.

S&W also makes rifles, including a version of the AR-15 design, carbines, submachine guns, shotguns, and other products.


A Great Name in Firearms for almost Two Centuries

Smith & Wesson firearms have been on the market for many years. The popularity of the brand remained solid thanks to their exceptional quality and great designs.

All gun enthusiasts and gun collectors should consider owning a Smith & Wesson.

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