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Uberti Firearms for Sale Online

IFA Tactical offers a wide-range of Uberti firearms for sale online, which lets you purchase a piece of American history. You’ll have the chance to purchase the finest pistol and revolver replicas, plus replica rifles and carbines from America’s Old West.

What are Uberti firearms?

Uberti manufacture historically accurate 19th Century American firearms, which are highly collectible and used by many historical re-enactors, and competition shooters. You can choose from a wide range of pistols, revolvers, percussion revolvers, carbines, and rifles to give you the look and feel of an American Old West gun. Uberti firearms have been widely used in Hollywood, and American western movies from the 1960s through to the 90s, and collectors often regard the guns as the “kings of the replicas.”

Each firearm is crafted by Italian artisan gun makers and uses the highest quality forged steel for a high-quality finish, which is often considered superior to the original guns of the 19th Century by experts. Uberti also uses state-of-the-art technology and machining tools to produce highly accurate precision firearms that are able to adhere to the same ballistic features of their original counterparts.

Uberti Firearms

Why Choose IFA Tactical

IFA Tactical stocks an extensive catalog of Uberti firearms in-store and online. You’ll be able to choose from the full range of guns available, and if we are unable to provide you with your particular Uberti replica, you’ll be able to use our transfer service. This will allow you to purchase your firearm online, and we will securely ship the gun to our store and take care of the legal transfer.

Our trusted experts will be able to walk you through using your new Uberti firearm enabling you to safely load and discharge your gun to enjoy the look and feel of the Old West.  We also stock Uberti firearms for sale online meaning you can purchase your gun from anywhere nationwide, and we’ll ship it to you.

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