AK 47 for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

AK 47 for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

The AK 47 is a fully automatic rifle used all around the world. It draws its origins back to the period soon after World War II. Because of its simple yet tough design, the gun has been replicated by many manufacturers. What’s more, it’s been estimated that as many as 100 million AK 47 style guns have been built up to date.

AK 47

History of the AK

The gun takes its name after its Russian inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov. Kalashnikov fought in the war, and directly experienced the lack of automatic rifles on the Soviet side. Following an injury which had him stay in the hospital for a while, he decided his country’s army needs a new and better standard rifle and decided to design one himself. That’s how he came up with the Avtomat Kalashnikova – Kalashnikov’s Automatic.

The name was further shortened to AK, and the number 47 was added representing the year when the gun was first made: 1947.

Kalashnikov’s rifle combined the best features found in the most popular guns of his time. The AK was meant to have a simple mechanism and to be easy and cheap to manufacture. The gun was soon adopted by the Soviet Army as their standard weapon in 1949.

More About the Design


The AK 47 is famous for being very resistant, durable, and reliable. It can continue to cycle despite being subjected to a lot of dirt and other particles. Depending on the magazine used, the rifle has a capacity between 10 and 75 rounds. It weighs around 9.5 lbs. and has a length of 34.3 inches. The action is gas operated and uses a rotating bolt.

They’re used by the military and civilians alike, they can put up with just about any weather conditions, and they’re easy to use. AK 47 rifles are a staple in any gun enthusiast’s collection.

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