Ammo for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Ammo for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan


Ammo, short for ammunition, refers to all the types of material fired, scattered, or detonated from a firearm. All guns require ammunition to be operated, and the type of ammunition needed varies greatly between weapons.


The word ammunition comes from the French language, where “la munition” meant any material used for war.

The history of ammunition starts with the creation of the first guns in the 13th and 14th centuries. It has changed a lot throughout time, and today there are numerous types and sizes of ammo designed for the countless gun types and models on the market.

Some ammo can be used across different guns, while other types of ammo are made to only be used in specific situations.

Types of Ammunition


A single cartridge made from a case, primer, propellant, and projectile is commonly referred to as a round. For ammo used by larger caliber weapons, the term shell is used. The round or the shell are shot through the gun’s barrel, and depending on the weapon, only one piece or multiple ones can be shot at a time.

Sometimes ammunition fails to fire inside the gun; these rounds or shells are called misfires or duds. They are considered dangerous and should be disposed of with great care.

Ammo comes in many sizes, from the tiniest cartridges to the largest shells. Each type is normally used for specific purposes, like hunting small game, hunting big game, or personal or home defense.

It’s important to use the right ammunition for each situation, and it’s equally important to use the right ammo for your gun. Firing the wrong type of ammo for your gun can damage your gun or even result in injury.

Ammunition is easy to procure. You can visit our store for some, or you can find ammo for sale online on your website.

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