Armalite Rifle for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

Armalite Rifle For Sale Online In Sterling Heights

Founded in the 1950s, Armalite is an American small arms manufacturer located in Hollywood, California. Although the business was closed down in the 1980s, it was revived once more in 1996 and has been in operation since. The company is the original creator of the AR.

The Beginnings

In 1955 and 1956, Armalite developed the prototypes for what later became the Armalite AR-10. The rifle was marketed based on limited production, as these rifles were virtually hand built. It has since undergone several design changes, and the company has passed through a series of owners. Today, Armalite most popularly produces a variety of AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, as well as AR-5, AR-7, AR-18, AR-30, .50 BMG rifles named AR-50, and the AR-180 model. The AR before the model number stands for Armalite Rifle. Some of the designers that helped develop these rifles were Jacques Michault, Eugene Stoner, Melvin Johnson, Robert Fremont, and Jim Sullivan. Armalite’s tactical rifles are prized for their performance. They feature premium components and multiple configurations, making these rifles perfect for any shooting discipline you may fancy.

Armalite Rifle for Sale

The AR-15 has been replicated by many gun manufacturers, who have been producing their own versions since the 70s. It is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle designed for commercial sale. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry trade association and several firearm manufacturers have called the AR-15 a modern sporting rifle.

Armalite Rifle for Sale Online

Strategic Armory Corps Sale

In 2013, Armalite was sold to Strategic Armory Corps, who also owns Surgeon Rifles, AWC Silencers, McMillan Firearms, and Nexus Ammo. In 2015, the company introduced 18 new products, including several firearm models.

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If you enjoy large caliber, long range precision shooting, as well as if you are a competition shooter or home defense minded, an Armalite rifle might be what you need.

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