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Semi-automatic rifles are a solid firearm choice whether you’re a skilled marksman, sporting novice, or homeowner looking for home defense. These rifles are popular due to their versatility, stability, and overall ease of use.

The first semi-auto rifles were designed in the late 1800s by an Austrian gunsmith; Winchester Repeating Arms brought the first semi-auto rifles to the civilian market by the early 1900s. Several other notable brands followed suit and offered .22 sporting rifles. By mid-1900s several caliber of semi-automatic rifles were readily available.

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These early designs were quicker to load and more reliable than their bolt-action counterparts but didn’t allow for user customization of optics, barrels, or stocks. And compared to today’s rifles, early rifles were heavy and bulky.


Today’s semi-automatic rifles come in a wide range of materials and configurations; the most popular styles mimic the modular design of the AR-15. Aluminum alloy and high-density polymers dominate the landscape; these materials are lightweight, durable, and easy to manufacture.

AR-style rifles offer unsurpassed customization to give you better control, optics, and precision than available ever before. These styles from brands like DPMS, Remington, and Patriot Ordnance Factory have features such as collapsible stocks, barrels in free-floated handrails, and upper receivers equipped with shell deflectors or forward-assist.

Though that’s not to say that the wood stock has completely gone out of style. Ruger still manufactures a .22 and stocks are available after-market for other calibers and manufacturers.

If you’re looking for a small caliber for varmint hunting or target practice, then take a look at the .22 REM or .204 RUG by brands such as Remington, Thompson Center, and Savage Arms.

Larger caliber models for big game hunting or collecting are also available from manufacturers such as Browning, and Colt.

No matter which rifle you choose, remember always check your local laws before trying to purchase a firearm. As an FFL dealer, we can answer any questions you have as well as help you transfer ownership of online or out-of-state purchases.

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