Barrett Bolt Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Barrett Bolt Action Rifle in Sterling Heights

Barrett Bolt Action Rifle

Barrett is undoubtedly best known for their work on heavy, .50 caliber sniper rifles, but the Barrett bolt action rifle is now taking the world by storm. These top-quality rifles bring with them over 30 years of Barrett expertise and craftsmanship for a rifle that’s built tougher than your truck.

Advantages of a Bolt Action Rifle

No action or rifle is perfect, but the idea is to educate yourself and choose one that fits as closely as possible to what you’re looking for. A bolt action rifle is incredibly reliable, due largely to the minimal amount of moving parts in it. There’s less to get gummed up with mud or rust in the rain, and they are simple to dismantle and clean.

These rifles are easy to use and don’t require a lot of training to work them. You’ll spend more time learning to make that perfect shot, which brings us to the next point. Bolt actions are known for their accuracy, and a quality one like the Barrett Fieldcraft was designed from day one for that purpose.

Bolt actions tend to be quieter than other rifles, and they allow you to keep a lower profile when hunting.

Barrett Bolt Action

Examples of Barrett Bolt Actions

The Barrett Fieldcraft is a lightweight hunting rifle, probably one of the lightest that Barrett has ever turned out. Available in a variety of calibers and barrel twists, the weights reflect those parameters but never exceeds 6 pounds. It has a 4 round capacity, scaled actions and a Timney trigger for smooth shooting.

The MRAD has a far more tactical look to it which is borne out by the full-length Picatinny top rail that has a built-in taper for long range precision. Available in 8 calibers, you can simply change out the barrel without needing a gunsmith.

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